Livelihoods and Markets

This course is offered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia October 23 - November 3, 2017.

Application deadline: August 25, 2017

Markets play an important role in shaping the livelihoods of communities around the world. Understanding how market systems work is essential for those who are engaged in community economic development. This certificate explores different pro-poor approaches ranging from creating a more conducive and enabling environment, to an emphasis on trade and market access, small and medium enterprise development, and the application of various financial instruments. It includes value chain development, making markets work for the poor and creating social enterprises. Participants will de-construct key concepts and tools, study real-world examples and conduct interactive exercises that will help them develop inclusive market systems

Scholarships for this certificate are available through The MasterCard Foundation Microfinance Scholars Program.

Personal benefits

  • Understand the linkage between livelihoods, market and community development, and poverty reduction
  • Become familiar with the key terminology and concepts in this field, key frameworks, tools and approaches, as well as the related challenges and emerging lessons
  • Learn how to practically apply these tools and methodologies to conduct value-chain analysis and develop value chain programs
  • Become connected with a growing professional network of peers from various organizations around the world working in this quickly changing field

Organizational benefits

  • Gain an understanding of relevant, contemporary tools, frameworks, and approaches in livelihoods development and market engagement
  • Develop intermediary-level expertise and enhance in-house capacity in conducting value chain analysis and developing pro-poor, inclusive, and equitable value chain interventions
  • Gain insights into new thinking and cutting-edge innovations in the area of community-level micro- and small enterprise development, both on- and off-farm

Who should take the program?

This 2.5 week course offered in June at the Coady International Institute in Canada is ideal for community development program officers, coordinators, and managers who are currently working with small-holder producers, supporting micro-enterprise development or income generating activities. This includes organizations engaged in livelihood promotion programs, the private sector, technical service providers, financial institutions and other stakeholders.

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Tuition 1,900 USD
Accommodation and meals  
Total 1,900 USD

Program costs are subject to change.

All successful applicants are responsible for the cost of travel.

Most qualified candidates receive a scholarship to assist with program costs. Please visit the scholarship page.


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