Action Research for Citizen-Led Change

October 26 - November 10, 2017 Application deadline: May 15, 2017

Participants will explore the principles and methods for research for citizen-led change, with a special focus on action and participatory research. Discussions focus on how to design action research with local citizens, how to involve different stakeholders in a collaborative research process, how to select appropriate methods for the purpose of the research, and how to get the message out about the research findings.  Drawing on many examples of action research around the world, and building on the experience of participants, the course will include collaboration on the design of an action research initiative. A field visit to try out action research skills is included.

Personal benefits

  • Develop skills in research ethics; understand the research cycle and the role of community members; collaborative research design; evaluation of different research methods and tools for their contribution to citizen action; listening, analysis and interpretation
  • Learn the theoretical foundations and critical issues, in community-based research for citizen action
  • Understand and appreciate different ways of knowing, the power of different knowledge holders and strategies for collaborating with multiple stakeholders
  • Communicate research results

Organizational benefits

  • Increase its capacity to design and coordinate research that contributes to citizen-led action.
  • Improve its ability to critically evaluate research and researchers;
  • Exercise greater influence in the development field as stewards of ethical and effective research practice

Who should take the program?

This program is designed for experienced development practitioners who are interested in developing a critical awareness of research practice in order to inform decisions about applied research design and practice for citizen-led development.

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Tuition 3,000 CAD
Accommodation and meals 1,500 CAD
Total 4,500 CAD

Program costs are subject to change.

All successful applicants are responsible for the cost of travel.

Most qualified candidates receive a scholarship to assist with program costs. Please visit the scholarship page.


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